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UGears Serenity's Dream

UGears Serenity's Dream

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Serenity's Dream joins the Ocean Beauty Yacht and the Trimaran Merihobus in Ugears' fleet of DIY model sailing vessels, however, unlike those static models, Serenity's Dream is a spring-powered wind-up craft able to execute a series of tacking maneuvers for up to 4m across a flat surface. To operate, set the Start/Stop switch, located on the roof of the cabin, to the "Stop" position. Remove the winding key from the foredeck, insert it into the ratchet mechanism located on the starboard hull and give several twists. Replace the winding key in the deck, place the boat on a flat surface, flip the Start/Stop switch to the "Start" position, and watch as your yacht sails off, executing a set of graceful, zig-zagging tacking maneuvers.

The Serenity's Dream 3D puzzle wooden sailboat model has 365 parts and is rated "Medium" difficulty, so it's a good build for modelers with a bit of experience. As with other Ugears mechanical marvels, you won't need glue or special tools to build this beauty, just punch the laser pre-cut pieces out of the art-quality composite wood boards, and snap them together. Illustrated instructions in 11 languages (English, German, Ukrainian, French, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean) guide your assembly, and each kit contains a piece of sandpaper and wax to smooth and lubricate the moving parts.

Model size: 16.1*17.3*5.3 in (41*44*13.5 cm)

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